Friday, May 11, 2012

{LIFE and WEDDING} Change and Chiffon

So, it's been a while since I posted anything and I figured it was about time!
So many things have happened in the last few weeks its just craziness!!

Last weekend I finally finished my undergraduate degree...after 5 years of intensity...Yay!!! We celebrated with such a fun party (that my dear Mom and Nana organized....thank you!!) where family and friends were abundant. It was such a great time and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the end of a life season.
Fast forward...2 days...I started a full-time-big-girl-salary-benefits job on the Monday following my graduation!!!

It is so incredible to see the ways that our lives are perfectly falling into place and to see that we really are ready to start our little family together. It is so fun to stand back and look at what an incredibly exciting and love-filled time this is in our lives...not only the crazy love we have for each other but the ways that people have been pouring love on us as we make this life transition (by the way...that's you - our friends and family who are reading this blog - so a great thanks are certainly in order).

I am just so full of happiness, hope and expectation...we both are...and it's the best feeling.


So, on to some other fun things that have been going on since I last posted that are wedding related...
I have gotten back together with the amazing artist who hand carved our save the date stamps, the lovely Leela Robinson from etsy. She is in the middle of creating our invitation stamps...which are so amazingly perfect! I'll be sure to post our finished invites when they are all put together!


I have also been continuing to look at decorations (which is so fun and consuming!!!). We have decided to go for all-natural-biodegradable-tree-hugging confetti, which will be a lovely mixture of dried chamomile flowers, lavender, and jasmine flowers

It's going to smell amazing and look so darn pretty...I think we will also use it to cover the aisle (which I'm envisioning being super gorgeous...but I need some of your please post what you think!!!)


On a more girly note - I have found the perfect hair accessories on...what other than...etsy. There are so many talented people on etsy who are extremely kind and so excited to be part of our wedding memories! These pieces are handmade by Amanda Judge from UntamedPetals and I am really really excited to wear them! the pictures below are the pictures she has in her shop...just to give you an idea...

Can you just imagine the perfection they will create when they are put together!!?? It's going to be so lovely.


I've also found the jewlery I am going to wear...
isn't this bracelet/bangle so pretty!!?

these earrings are so simple and pretty


So, hopefully I have given you all enough to chew on until more things are finalized, decisions are made, and as it gets closer to the day that changes our lives!!

With love, as always,
Kate + David

P.S. Don't forget to post your thoughts about the confetti/aisle flowers! Thanks!

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