Thursday, June 28, 2012

{WEDDING} Invites, Shoes and Venues Oh My!

Well! Am I waiting until the last mintue for your June update or what? will be glad I waited this long becuase there are so many fun things that happened just in the last few days!
I sent out invitations for our wedding ceremony and for our super-fun-reception-bash just this keep an eye out for it in your mailbox!
...but...becuase I know you are just dyyyinngg to see them -- here is the post you've been waiting for!!!!
Like I mentioned in my last post -- I went back to one of my new etsy friends and asked her if she would be up for designing/carving our wedding invitation stamps -- and I am so glad that she said yes because these lovely masterpieces wouldn't be possible without her perfect style and incredibly determined skill. Thank you so much dear Leela -- you have been a really big part of our unique wedding experience!

David has been so wonderfully involved in all of this and helped make our visions come alive with his creativity and resourcefulness -- he found this really neat wood veneer (which is usually used for re-facing cabinets), exacto-knife'd it up (cut the large roll down to 5x7" sized pieces), stamped the wood with the stamps Leela made (using slow drying pigment ink -- if you're curious), and finally sprayed them with a matte clear spray paint to seal them!

Aren't they so beautiful!?
We made an extra one so we can frame it and remember it forever!
Our super-fun-reception-bash invitations were also sent out this morning and I'm sure you would like to see them too!!

Here are some pictures of the really cool location for our reception...It's a really trendy renovated warehouse in Little Tokyo! ...Parking is still being nailed down so keep checking in for updates!


Something that I was so crazy excited about was my shoes!!
I decided to buy some plain nude pumps (which you saw in the last post) and find some really neat shoe clips to jazz them up with to make them really special for our wedding! ...It's totally genius becuase I can wear these pumps any ol' time and they don't have to be wedding-only shoes!
Well...I found another lovely lady on etsy, Carla of LuluSplendor and she completely blew my expectations away! I was absolutely amazed when I recieved them in the mail -- they are so gorgeous and make these shoes look better than any pair of $300 Badgley Mischka's...and way more special, knowing that they were handmade by someone just for me! (...Plus I'm really excited because I can keep these shoe clips forever as a family heirloom!!)

...and....they are plated in white gold and adorned with swarovski crystals and real pearls! (...take that Badgley Mischka!)

I have my first bridal shower on Saturday and couldn't be more excited!
I feel like I've been waiting for this time in my life for a really long while...David and I knew we would marry each other when we were sophomores in high school (!!!) and I've been waiting ever since to marry him!
I can't believe that this long-awaited-time in our lives is really finally here (and sometimes I feel like it can't possibly be happening!!)
Thank you for being so loving and supporting and generous -- and for those of you who are attending the shower this prepared for some ugly crying! (They are all abundant tears of joy!)

On that note...Have a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoyed this latest update...Until next time...
All our love,

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