Saturday, April 14, 2012

{WEDDING} The Joys of Planning!

Hello Friends!!
It's been a few weeks since I posted anything mostly because we've been so busy...but at the same time not too many exciting things have happened that are wedding related until now :-)

I've been trying to stay as sane and relaxed as possible... which has been a success (thanks to my new favorite wedding website) and I'm having so much fun planning and purchasing all the fun details of our wedding!

So, in hopes of keeping everyone updated about our journey, I have a few pictures to share! (woo hoo!) ...and you can maybe get a good feel for our wedding style :-)

To begin, my good friend Michelle (who is going to be our florist/wedding coordinator...thanks girl!!) and I went to the flower mart a few weeks ago to scope out the kinds of flowers we'd like to use and I'm so excited that we found so many beautiful flowers! 

white hydrangeas 

purple hyacinth (?)

white ranunculas

star beth

various colored stock

pink peonies (!!)

green kermit mums


purple wax 


To continue, I visited our location site and took some more pictures to post them! It's such a serene location: you can hear a little creek nearby, birds chirping, and the smell of fresh forest air which is just the kind of place David and I love the most. We're so happy to make our life commitments to each other in this beautiful natural setting!

 this is the grassy spot where our ceremony will take place...

...our altar will be in between those two trees 

There is a precious little cabin on the property...this is the side of it, which is right next to the ceremony location

 this is the back of the cabin (you can sort of see the balcony stairs from this view)...the river-rock-chimney is so darn cute!

here is the view from the edge of the property

this is the side of the cabin - you can see the balcony a bit better from this view

here is the walkway that leads from the parking lot to the ceremony location

this is another view of the walkway - you can see the parking lot all the way in the back corner of the photo

this is a really pretty field that is on the other side of the cabin...the reception might take place here...
(you can see my car parked on the right side of the picture - which is where the parking lot is located)

As the last bit of breaking-wedding-news...We got our cake-topper in the mail a couple days ago (!!!) which was also beautifully crafted from a wonderful Etsy vendor! 
A great thanks to Tina from Better Off Wed ...the cake topper is exactly what we wanted and it is so beautiful!

Isn't it so beautiful! Solid mahogany with a burlap fabric heart :-)
It perfectly summarizes our wedding theme!

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I'll continue to update you on exciting new wedding stuff!! 

With lots of love as always,
Kate + David

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