Friday, March 8, 2013

{MARRIED LIFE} A New & Exciting Year

I know it hasn't even been an hour since our last post...but for organization sake, I wanted the posts to be separate :-)

So, David and I have embarked on many new adventures together over the last 6 months and we started a new one in January!
Between all of the fun we had crafting and building things for our wedding, all the positive response we had for you folks (!), and the wonderful experiences I had with Etsy shop owners... 
In January, we decided to open our own Etsy shop!
Our shop is called found. purpose. -- we decided on that name (among other things) because of our love for reclaimed lumber as a building material.
Our shop sells all things for your home, garden and party -- we sell furniture that david builds, garden markers for your herb garden, signs made out of reclaimed lumber, chalkboards, wall decor, coasters, candle holders, light fixtures, stamped wood forks for parties...and the list goes on!

Check us out at found. purpose. on Etsy

Please check out our shop and tell all your friends!
We've already been getting about 3 orders per month, which is great for a shop that's only been open for 3 months!
We're so excited about this new adventure and have had so much fun working together on this new endeavor -- we really hope that lots of great things come from this!
...We definitely won't be able to do it without you all and your support!

Lots of love,
Kate + David

{MARRIED LIFE} Holiday 2012 Recap

Well, oh my goodness... it has been a long time since I have posted anything...
...and there have certainly been a lot of things to recap!
Well, today (3/8) is our 6-month anniversary and I would just like to start by saying that David and I are absolutely loving married life -- every day we learn more and more about each other and love each other more deeply! 
How could you not when you are spending your life with your best friend!?

So, for the recap -- It's been so fun to start our own traditions throughout the holidays and we had such a fun time!

Lets start off with Halloween (since it's been that long since a blog post...)
We started this tradition a couple of years ago when David and I went to a pumpkin patch in Monrovia and they had these huge pumpkins -- like 75 pounds huge... and of course, David wanted to buy one... so we did... and we had lots of fun carving it and it definitely attracted some stares that year!
 We loved doing that and couldn't think of a better Halloween tradition (even though our porch is not very big) and we had so much fun picking it out at the pumpkin patch and carving it!

Now on to Thanksgiving which David and I love because we love making stuffed mushrooms and pie...and eating them too :-)
This year, David made the stuffed mushrooms and I made an apple pie -- they both turned out delicious and we had such a nice time sharing it with our families!

And off to Christmas -- our favorite holiday of the year! Which is now even more special to us because we are always reminded of Christmas Eve 2011 when David proposed and we finally decided to get married!
We have always dreamed of having our own place and decorating it up for Christmas and this year, we were finally able to do that!!
We had the best looking house on our street (if I don't say so myself) and it was so heart-warming to come home to our beautiful house every night and enjoy our lights... not to mention the giant 6-foot Christmas tree we packed into our tiny 450 sq ft duplex!
But, it was so beautiful and so festive and we loved it so much!

Speaking of our giant Christmas tree -- that certainly has a story...
I had all these dreams of finding a Christmas tree lot and chopping down our own tree and hauling it home...such a romantic traditional Christmas, right!?

Well, I found a Christmas tree lot in Santa Clarita and was so excited to drive down and pick out our tree!! ...My romanticized Christmas dreams had come true! So, the day after Thanksgiving we drove down to Santa Clarita and although the lot was really cool and impressive, the trees were either too gigantic (like 8-12 feet too tall) or not the type of tree we wanted...
so, I sucked up my pride and we decided to go to the one place we could rely on (which is about 3 minutes from our house)...

The wonderful Home Depot! :-)
Much less romanticized but much more practical...

...and it looked so beautiful in our house!!
And on Christmas morning, we decided to start a new tradition and make eggs benedict was so delicious and so special to finally spend Christmas morning together in our house.

 Our first holiday season together was absolutely wonderful and it was such a fun way to start off our married life together!

Until next time...

Lots of love, 
Kate + David

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hello friends!!!
It has been so long since I have posted anything! How could you blame me though...I mean, getting married, settling in to our new life, planning/hosting our wedding reception -- you know, no big :-)
Well, for those of you who are following our blog -- and not our facebooks -- I think its time to post our wedding pictures!!!
The wedding was absolutely magical It truly felt like we were in a fairytale woodland forest! The best part was that it wasn't a fairytale - it was our real life!
Our actual wedding!
Of course, there was no shortage of possible breakdown moments with family and other general stressors...I succumbed to some (okay, maybe all) of the stress on the day before the wedding but I was so thankful for David's advice to me before he dropped me off at the hotel the night before our wedding. He told me to not let anything ruin our day, to not stress about any of the little details and to just be happy to be getting married -- because, that's the point, right? Because of his words -- that night and the entire day of our wedding, I didn't stress about a single thing and was in a lovely state of bliss -- just enjoying the amazing moments of the day.
So, without further ado -- here are our beautiful wedding photos (and yes, the day felt exactly like it looks...)


David and I decided to see each other before our wedding ceremony in a private, quiet setting so that we could soak up the moment in our own time...away from the hectic-ness of the day. It was the best decision we made -- it was such a special moment that neither of us will forget!

David hand-crafted this sign -- which proudly hung from our arch on our wedding day (and now hangs in our home). It is made of re-claimed lumber and modeled after a craftsman style sign that we saw down the street from our (now) home.

The wedding cake was lemon with lemon-curd filling and cream cheese frosting. The rustic texture mirrored our outdoorsy-casual wedding theme perfectly! I had the cake topper custom made from an Etsy shop (see my post about it!!!) And yes, the cake next to it was David's birthday cake (because our wedding day was on his birthday -- it may or may not have been a tactic for David to never forget our wedding anniversary ;-) ...just kidding!)

David so skillfully designed and built our wedding arch, which was the most beautiful centerpiece of the entire wedding. We became husband and wife underneath this beautifully-crafted arch that David built for us -- the most perfect symbol of our relationship.


This was our grand-entrance as "Mr. and Mrs. Miller!" I love this picture so much because the look on David's face is so perfect -- he is just so proud to be married!
After our grand entrance, we had our first dance as husband and wife. We danced to Always and Forever by Heatwave. It is our favorite song which perfectly summarizes us and our loyal relationship.

Two words -- TACO BAR. :-)

Our officiant, Hank signing our legal marriage license!
My sister Elizabeth gave such a beautiful speech that brought be to tears the whole time.
Paul, David's brother gave a toast with an unforgettable catch line, "To the hottest new couple in town!"

David and I shared a sweet moment feeding each other wedding cake :-)

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear David, happy birthday to you!" David had no idea that we had a birthday cake waiting for him! It was perfect -- a total surprise...especially that we had his favorite kind of cake...white cake with chocolate frosting :-)

Well folks, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed these pictures and I hope they made you feel part of our story!
Until next time...which I promise won't be too long from now (because holidays are coming up!!!)
Lots of love,
David + Kate Miller