Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{WEDDING} 9.8.2012

Okay...Here's the post where I tell you all about the beautiful location of our wedding and give you some info on wedding related events!!

Lets start with the wedding ceremony...
David and I have decided to have a very small and intimate wedding ceremony, only immediate family and very close friends...not to fear though!!..we are going to have a large post-wedding celebration a few weeks after the ceremony so all our friends and extended family can celebrate with us!
Our small wedding ceremony will be held at the gorgeous Monrovia Canyon Park. Monrovia has a special place in our hearts becuase of David's involvement with the Monrovia Fire Department, plus the park is the most perfect place for us to tie the knot - it is a beautiful outdoor area which feels secluded and it's only a few minutes from civilization :-)
There is a cute little cabin and grassy field in the park which feels so secluded and calming...

Big post-wedding party...
We aren't sure where it will be held yet...but stay tuned, I will post about information for that when we figure it out!...Also, chances are you will get an invitation to that party sometime this summer with all the details!

Engagement Party/Bridal Shower...
I do not know anything about any plans for these events - they are totally up to our families to plan!!

Hopefully this information gives you something to chew on until more details are finalized!

-Kate + David

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