Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well, David and I are engaged (for 3 months now)!!
Things are changing so rapidly and so many things are going on all an one time in both our lives...I knew we had to document our journey in some way - and what better way than a blog!?
After a some looking around at wedding webistes I knew it wasn't for us - so here is our "Kate and David Journey Together" blog to keep all our friends and family updated on our ever changing lives as we move through engaged life together: wedding planning, moving, graduating from college, getting new jobs, etc...
And not just our engaged life together but also as we move into married life and all the wonderful things we will experience and all the life changes and "firsts" that will go along with it!
I hope that our readers (our friends and family) will enjoy our blog and that it will help you all stay up to date on our lives!

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